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Sprint – policy update – automatic opt-outs

In the next month Sprint will implement a solution whereby whenever a customer requests a short code to be blocked or to receive a refund for a particular program, Sprint will automatically initiate an opt-out request (STOP ALL text message) … Continue reading

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Sprint – audit violations update

Effective October 4, 2010, the following policy will be effective with regard to violations found in the current and amended “MMA Guidelines”, “Sprint Standards” and “Sprint Shortcode Violations and Actions Required” document. If a service is found to have the … Continue reading

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Get real-time information on your US operator approval

We help you with all your US approvals and you can apply and view the progress of your application through the Bango management tools. This gives you real-time information about your approval so you know what’s going on at any … Continue reading

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AT&T operator approval submission freeze

There will be a freeze on all AT&T operator approval submissions due to the release of the iPhone 4. This will take place from the 18th June until the 30th June. There will also be a freeze on submissions for … Continue reading

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Privacy Policy on Sprint USA

Don’t forget to add details of your privacy policy to your Bango account. This is a Sprint requirement and a link will automatically appear on the payment pages of your site, once you have added these details. Simply login to … Continue reading

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Sprint billing disruptions – Resolved

You may have noticed that there have been a few billing disruptions on the Sprint network. We have been working with the Sprint Development team to resolve the issue and are able to confirm that a solution has been found. … Continue reading

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New MMA guidelines published

The latest version of the MMA guidelines for the US mobile market have been published. Be sure to have a look so that you remain compliant with the regulations in the US. The latest version can be found here.

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